Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beware of Trustafarians defines trustafarians as the following:

a. a person who, in an act of rebellion has taken to smoking pot, pan-handling, and following grateful dead rip-off bands during the week, and then returning to his or her parent's cozy home in the suburbs during the weekend.

b. one who lives with poorer people in an attempt to gain credibility, or street-cred, while disguising the trust fund they actually live off

Living in the heart of downtown near the private college, Stanford University, there are pockets of these "Trustafarians" of both definitions. Other notable college towns that can find fellow Trustafarians are Boulder, Berkeley, NYU and many other high performing college towns. One of my favorite Stanford stories from my cousin May Allen is when a girl in one of her studio Art classes went missing from class for a few weeks only to be discovered in front of Longs Drugs and dating a bum that lived off of Uni. Ave.

When giving a tour of the local Palo Alto hot spots, I always give a disclaimer before we walk by the P.A. hot spot for the local Trustafarian gang, Pizza My Heart. Most of my visitors don't understand what I'm describing until they turn the corner and see the fire juggling, disheveled group of young hooligans finding their place in the world.

When doing a simple google image search "Pizza My Heart Palo Alto" you can see the notable human sized egg of computer parts. You can see some of these lovable Trustafarians loitering in the background. I find it quite interesting that the symbol of an egg made out of computer parts is a symbol of the beginning of the technology in the bay area (and arguably the world) and paradoxically the children of these inventors and creators have yet to find their place in the world.....maybe I'm not as different than them as I originally thought.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tooting in the Peaks

I'm not one to be a follower (unless it's following whatever my twin sister Amy tells me to) and as everyone one of my friend shares with me their new creative blog they have created and post on frequently, I silently think in my head that I had a blog even before people knew the word. Moving beyond the self-righteous bragging and jumping back on the blogging bandwagon, I have decided to resurrect my blog from it's 28- month coma.
For my first entry from my hiatus, I wanted to share with the world an oldie, but definite goody. This is a video from one of my trips to England with my good friends Liam and Omid. We dressed in our Sunday's best, went to the Peak district (think Yosemite National Park, green rolling hills instead of cascading mountains, sheep roaming) and hiked up a mountain to a disheveled castle. Within these fortress walls magic was made.