Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Content Day?

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Today marks the anniversary of my first blog entry. Although a great deal has changed since a year ago; I have my bachelors, started a credential/masters program, working more on living independently…one thing has not changed….the state of my perpetual singleness. Yet this year was very different than my past Single Awareness Days aka St. Valentine’s Day. The difference was that since I have started teaching this year, I was able to partake of the Valentine festivities. I didn’t get just one Valentine gift as most couples get; I had thirty-two Valentines and a pizza party. It was also refreshing and slightly entertaining to watch my sixth graders, who are beginning to stray away from the cooties and venture more towards the pursuing of the opposite sex. Love was in the air in room 7 today and cupid’s arrow may not have stuck me this Valentine’s Day…but overall I’m happy, healthy and loving life. So there is no more sadness in SAD (Singles Awareness Day). I have thirty-two Valentines and two men to spend my night with, Ben and Jerry.

The photographs are from a classroom activity I did with my students today.

V-Day Activity

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